The Impact of Fundraising

Through the hard work of its volunteers and the generosity of the community, High Hopes has raised over $1.2 million for the Lindner Center of HOPE.  This money has been used for mood disorder research, financial assistance for patient and state of the art medical equipment.


A note from an advocate

“I can’t express my gratitude enough for the financial support that has been given to my daughter. Lindner has been and is the best place for her. She needed some intense therapy and will continue to have ups and downs throughout her life. The Lindner Center staff are giving her tools to use for the future so she can live a productive happy and healthy life which we all deserve.  
I am happy that I had insurance coverage in the beginning and I would have sold anything and everything in order to keep her there until she has conquered her demons. So thank you so much for this financial assistance. I have been and will continue to recommend  the Lindner Center when people are looking for nonprofit organizations to donate monies. “
Again thank you so much
Patient’s Mom